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Editor's Pick
Microsoft Home Magazine
One of the best travelled cottage sites in Canada...a domestic vacation planning wonder.
The Toronto Star
Whether you're new to cottaging and want to try before you buy, or are a regular cottage renter, is a great first step.
The Ottawa Citizen
Of many excellent websites I found that advertise cottage rentals across Canada, CottageLINK is my favourite.
M Prentice, Columnist, The Ottawa Citizen
Location, location, location. Find the perfect holiday dwelling with just a few clicks of your 'field' mouse.
Canadian Living
Thank you very much for having this website - because of it - my unit never sat empty. It is fantastic.
D Krsek
I really want to say how impressed I am not only with your website, but with your amazing personal approach even from such a distance... Bravo! You offer an excellent service.
H Adams
We want to let you know that we are extremely satisfied with your service, so much so that we recruited two other cottagers to your site last year to rent their cottages and they were equally satisfied. This year we expect another cottager will also join your service. Our adjacent neighbours to the rental are also very pleased with the caliber of tenants that your sight seems to attract and have made a point of letting us know that every year. In the three past years we have been using your site we have enjoyed extremely nice and respectful families occupying our cottage. Last season we were fully booked before the season began and then went on to book two full weeks in the fall! You run a great business!
TF and RC
Just to let you know I have sold the cottage, thanks to your listing on CottageLINK, the sale closed September 1. Thank you very much for the service, we signed the offer approx only 4 weeks from date of listing and then a short two week closing period.
D Holder
Just wanted to inform you that we have sold our property. Thanks for your great website, and your assistance with including our ad. We will definitely recommend your website for others who are looking to sell, or buy. Thanks!
M M, Quebec
Please remove our cottage listing in Kipawa, we have sold. Thank you so much for your help with the website, we found it affordable, easy to use and we had great response, if we every sell another property CottageLINK is the only advertising source we would use, I wish I found you first.
K & D, Kipawa, Quebec
I was quite hesitant to place my cottages on your website at first but wow was I wrong to feel that way. I am so pleased & impressed with the results. The quality of the people contacting me is really amazing. I am almost booked solid. Thank you again for your assistance. I will definitely be a regular.
S & K, Toronto
I got an email from a lady in Texas and she wants to rent for the whole time it's listed, again thank you so much. Not to bad for only being on for two days eh?
After the year we had last great please ensure that my subscription is NOT dropped. I went from 3 weeks sold, to sold out for the year. Great Job.
M. Murphy
Your site delivers great results - we're full every summer!
P. Jacobs
We are very pleased with CottageLINK and believe it is the best service on the market. We appreciate the good work
G. Robertson
I have recently sold my cottage and want you to pull the ad from your site. I have only advertised on CottageLINK and have been booked solid for the past 4 years. Your site is awesome.
K. O'Reilly
Thank you for your service; it is unbelievable how many people contacted us.
R. Dickson
Your service is excellent and the response is amazing. Thank you!!
W. Toyama
Just a very quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your work. We have been very satisfied with the amount of activity we get from our little CottageLINK ads.

You're doing a great job, thanks again,
S. and J. Meadows

I had a signed offer within two weeks of listing it on your site and it was only upfor two days. I was overwhelmed with enquiries and, after adjusting the price as a result of the amazing amount of interest and emailing all of those who had contacted me about the property, the process went very smoothly. The deal closed a week ago. Your site is an incredible service and I know that it saved me a substantial amount of money and time. Thanks again for all of your help.
J. Maurer
Thank you so much - we continue to refer your site to other cottage owners - keep up the great work!
T. Curry
Simple, clean , business like, appealing, easy to view on an easy to find and explore site are my first observations/conclusions on first viewing. I am glad that I found CottageLINK.
P. Plumb
Thanks for your efficient service. We have been fully booked since we started advertising only with cottage link.
L. Lang
We have 3 cottages listed with you for sale. The response has been tremendous - far more than I expected and far in excess of any other site we listed with. I am delighted to say we had a viewing on one cottage within a day of listing and that viewing has now become a confirmed sale.
H. Bayer
Just wanted to pass on how pleased we are with your site and the traffic volume and the quality of the prospects we get. I recommend your site to everyone to either search for rentals or to list their properties. I have turned away numerous other sites soliciting my business as I feel your is the only listing we need. Keep up the great work.
A Sweeney
We have conditionally sold our cottage and only one week on your web site! What great advertisement.
W Bannister
Just wanted to say thanks. This is our 3rd year using your service. Our July/Aug has been booked every year to our satisfaction without any other advertising. We appreciate your value priced rates and services...sign us up for next year
T. Waymouth offers one-stop shopping, whether you're looking to buy, rent or purchase.
The Vancouver Sun
I am a new late entry into the cottage rentals and can report back that I am completely booked through to the Labour day weekend. Best $35.00 investment that I've made.
E. Lutz
We continue to get great response from our CotageLink listing and are booked for the summer once again. Best of all, the quality of guest has been consistently good over four seasons.
P. Overton
I have sold my two properties that are listed on your website and would appreciate it if you would remove them from the site...Thank you for your great service. I will be advertising more of my properties in the future.
T. Cottingham
We have sold the cottage - thanks to your site. It is a great site and I have promoted it to several people. The ad can now be removed. Thanks again.
N. Vezina
We recently listed our cottage on your site ( 1 1/2 weeks ago) and we are amazed at the traffic we have received and the number of rental interest in such a short time. At this rate we will have the summer booked in just a few weeks. I have already referred some friends who are renting their properties to you. Great is an excellent web site easy to set up, looks very professional and is user friendly. A++++++
A & M Sweeny
Our renewal is in the mail. At $35, it continues to be one of North America's Great Bargains.....You folks are great!
D. Baston, New Brunswick listing was up for only two days and we have booked two weeks in July. This is great!
J. O'Connor
I've had a great experience with this site. It is the only place I have advertised my cottage and I got fully booked through you last year. I'm really pleased.
N. Reid, New Brunswick
Thank you so much for your help. We just love your website and get tons of e-mail each summer.
The Webers, PEI
I wish to thank you for your exceptional website which has given us incredible renting periods beyond our expectations. I have been contacted by many other cottage sites with special offers but did not find the site user friendly or as informative as yours.
C. Nunez, Quebec
Thank you for all the great work you do. Your website brings in 75% of our yearly rentals. Keep up the great work!!!
Francine & Gilles, New Brunswick
When 'Timberlawn' was added to your website at the end of February, the response was unbelievable. In only one and a half weeks, we rented the entire nine weeks.
Marenda Wilson
Can you believe it Craig? The whole winter is booked for both places that I had advertised with really works.
S. Park
Just a note to say what terrific success we had with your service this year and we will be using it again for next year. We had a gereat selection of people to choose from, many more than we had anticipated. A very effective site. We are getting requests for next summer already.
G. Viggers
Thank you Cottage Link. We sold our cottage in less than 4 weeks for more than the asking price! ...we will recommend your Site in the future whenever we have the opportunity.
B. and U. Faruki
Can't thank you enough for your excellent service. As a result of your listing, we had a fantastic summer.
S. O'Brien
Thank you for a fantastic service which we first used to rent a cottage - loved it so much we bought it from the owner and now use your service to help pay for our new love/investment! Feedback from our renters has been very positive....Thanks again for your great work!
T. Stenton
I can't tell you how glad I am that I chose this site to advertise my cottages on. The response is great so I have told anyone that asks to do the same.
K. Stewart, Scenic Sands
We have sold our cottage as of today, May 29, 2003, thanks to your service, and ask that it be removed from your listings as soon as possible. Thank you again - you have a great site!
C. Warner
We have sold our cottage to the first person that responded to our CottageLINK listing. Your service has proven itself most effective and we do appreciate it.
H. Idler
We are pleased to let you know that our cottage has been sold effective May l, 2003, thanks to your site. We have had numerous enquiries and would recommend the site to others who have property to list. Thanks for your efficient service!
R&M Klassen
Would you please post my cottage as sold on your site. You posted the cottage on September 4th. The cottage sold to the first viewer on September 14th. Thank you for linking us up with the purchaser who found the cottage they were looking for.
B. Bale
We booked all of our rentals this summer thru your site. It worked wonderfully... so thanks!
Glenda, Kingfisher Cove
You came recommended by neighbours and I can see why. Nice looking site, professional looking listings, and very fair pricing.
A. Hubbard
We are so pleased with CottageLINK. We are already almost fully booked for the summer and it's only march break!
B. Baxter
The South Lake Trailer Park - listed under resorts and lodges has now been sold. I had this property posted on several sites - but it was your site that brought me the buyer. I would definately use your services again.
D. Stender, Re-Max
Just to let you know the property which is on Isabella Lake near Parry Sound and listed for 127,000 is now sold. Many thanks for the super web site that directed so many people to us.
R. McShane
Thank you for your great website. Our cottage was listed for less than a month and it sold to the first couple who saw the cottage for our asking price.
A. Scott
Thank-you, Cottage Link has brought in more customers than any other source.
B. Briand
Your service is excellent! Thank you so much.
P. Krimmel
Many thanks again! We are "blown away" from the response!!
T. Still
I had a cottage listed for sale in North Rustico, PEI. I have sold that property, so please take that listing off your site. I must say, if I ever have another property to sell, I will certainly list it on your site, I have had many inquiries about my property. Your site is obviously a hot one!
T Hughes
Just a short note to tell you how very much we value your site. It is the only one we use and it has been terrific. Keep up the good work.
L. Lang
The complete ease of getting things posted on CottageLINK is one of the best things about it.
M. Dougherty
Please remove our listing from your site... we have sold the property! Thanks for the wonderful resource... the hit rate was fantastic!
R. Vandenbelt
This is to inform you that my cottage on Weslemkoon lake sold. Thank you for your great advertising. The response was tremendous.
D. Nadaraju
We have had a wonderful success in renting our cottage through your CottageLINK site. The summer was completely booked and most of September as well.
B. Bonham
We were quite pleased with the number of rentals we had received as the result of listing on your website. We will recommend listing with you to others who are renting in our area. Thanks so much for the great service you provide.
S. and B. Mills
I am really pleased with the services you provide. It has been a great help to our business and at a reasonable cost.
D. Noye
We have enjoyed our association with you. As landlords to many clients, the web site was a perfect management tool. It seemed to incredibly simplify the process. I could even do it from Florida is I so wished. Thanks so much for providing such an excellent service. I have recommended you to many.
B. Gaffney
Our summer was very successful. We rented out to 7 different families and were very pleased with how everything turned out.
J. Atkinson
We are very pleased and happy about the results we obtained by advertising with CottageLINK. We are with you for the long haul.
G. and B. Moehring
Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the CottageLINK results and have had many happy comments from those who have found us using CottageLINK.
G. Robertson
I am pleased to advise that our cottage has been sold. The purchasers saw our ad on your website. I am happy that we used your website to promote our property. Thanks.
M. Hughes
Just wanted to notify you that our property listed with your service has SOLD!! We had a great response from your ad and are very happy with our success in selling our property. We are still getting calls and emails, so thought we better notify you asap to put the "Sold" sign on the ad to save people being disappointed when they call.
Thanks again for the great service!

C. Ritchie
Just wanted to tell you how incredibly successful CottageLINK has been for us...We got your address from an article that appeared in Canadian Living, I believe, so thank goodness we stumbled across it! And people do make a point of mentioning they found us in CottageLINK.
A. Massey
This site is totally awesome! As a renter I thought it was a good site but when I put my own cottage up for rent I could not believe the response. In 12 hours I had rented four weeks with confirmed bookings. I am contemplating buying a cottage as an income property and advertising through this site!
L. Mueller
Just wanted to let you know that our cottage in Temagami has been sold. Exposure in CottageLINK was invaluable in having this happen. Thank you for your great service.
B. Talbot
...many thanks, you provide great service, with a super site.
M. Galbraith
Just a note to tell you I am very happy to renew my property at Talisman with you again. I have always received quick replies to any questions I had regarding rental of the property, and in the first year I was pleasantly surprised at the number of hits and inquiries to rent the chalet. I have had people who have rented or inquired from as far away as the Northern US and the UK. I have recommended your site to friends who also wanted to rent out their property.
D. Rindsem
Just to let you know we are extremely pleased with the response we have gotten last year and this year with our cottage rentals. Your site is terrific. We are also in the process of acquiring one or two more cottages in May of this year and when they are available, we will list them with you as we are most pleased with your marketing of our properties.
B. Juby
We did very well with the sale and I must tell you that we have been very pleased with your site and with the response to the rental site as well. We have been overwhelmed with requests over the past two years. All in all the site is a bargain when you compare it to any other method of advertisement. Thanks again.
D. and N. Macklin
It took only 1 week to rent my place out the available times for the summer. What a response!
D. Setterington
I would like you to know what a pleasure it is dealing with a professional site such as yours. I wish other sites I list with were half as efficient and produced results any where near what CottageLINK does. Thank you for making my cottage rental business just a little easier.
G. St. Jean
Your site is wonderful. I can't believe how many enquiries we have had in 1 week. We are so excited.
K. Harris
...your site is still one of the better ones, simple and quick. That is what clients are looking for.
P. Wiltmann
Great site...Keep up the good work...Much needed for those of us who love "Cottage Country"
P. Lynch
I have had excellent results with advertising the cottage on CottageLINK. I am now getting repeat renters for the third year in a row. My rental season is getting longer every year.
N. Walback
I would like to thank you for this great service. I have had a great response to my listing. I am extremely pleased with the response and with the quality of people it has attracted.
R. Kloepfer
The calendar facility is brilliant.....why can't all websites be as easy to use as yours?
A. Spence
2000 was our first experience renting our cottage. Mike and I only advertised on CottageLINK - we really weren't sure what to do. All summer long we were blessed with wonderful families creating precious memories in 2000. Now, in 2001, we are very sure about what to do. CottageLINK, thanks for no regrets and we look forward to advertising in 2001.
Jacqueline & Mike
We are really satisfied with your service and website. We do not list with anyone else!! Although they try to get us to list we them we don't.......why go anywhere else when you have the best now!!!!
B. Irwin
I've been really happy with the results of listing with your service, I don't know where else I would've gotten such excellent exposure and the renters I had last summer were good renters (clean and no problems).
M. Pringle
Thanks for the use of your website. Our cottage sold among many inquiries thanks to CottageLINK.
L. Ferkranus
Could you please delete the listing for Garden Island. The property has been sold. It was sold through the listing on Cottage Link. Needless to say we are very pleased with your product and will recommend it highly.
J. Christopher
I would like to compliment your staff on the design of your page. It is by far the easiest page to search for something by location and price first before staring to get into more detail. Some of the web sites out there are very frustrating to use. They are set up so that you are slowly reloading a lot of the same info over and over again before you get the info you really need. It is a pleasure to keep checking your web site to find what we are looking for. Keep up the good work!!
C. and P. Dill
...within 24 hrs. of putting my property up on your site I had a firm booking for 1 wk. in July and a possible rental for the month of July!!
K. Owen
Solid success on your site. We are pleased and very impressed with the ease that your site facilitates rentals; and with the ease that the internet affords setting up the rental transactions. Keep up the great work.
R. Baumgartner
Thank you for this great season of rentals and web page hosting. I will be in touch in the spring to renew (I am sure you will email me when it is time, as I want to renew 100%) and to make some updates. Thanks again.
M. Andersen
We have had great success with your CottageLINK site. Most of our renters have come to us after seeing your site. Keep up the good work.
M. Rose
We continue to be perhaps your most happy clients. It just gets better and better. A solid sell-out thru the season, including re-booking 1 very late cancellation...Pretty darn good....actually, fantastic. No complications either; all of our clients have been first class.
J. Brown
Hi, just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our CottageLINK site - our cottage (ON50040) booked fully for this summer in early January and we are now booking people in for 2001! People seem to fall in love with it from the pictures alone.
P. Gough
We had another great season with tenants who found us through your site. We've been approached by a couple of your competitors but we've been with CottageLINK from the beginning and we continue to be very happy with your service.
L. Racine
Thanks again, we have had a really good year with bookings and now have some fall bookings and we are 50% booked for next year!
J. Lacher
Just wanted to let you know what a great service CottageLINK is! We rented our available weeks in the first week of listing and have had no problems with any renters.
M. Campeau
Pleased to report that your site created more qualified interest that everything else we've tried. Sold to a fellow who saw the listing on CottageLINK.
C. Mercer
Your site is great...many people are seeing it and calling us!
L. Wagner
Your service is excellent! I could not have imagined such a great response from a web listing.
D. Griffin
Your CottageLINK service has worked fantastic for us and we will continue for another year. Others have tried with their rental sites but there is just no comparison. I rent the cottage by listing only on your site and don't have to do any other advertising. Keep up the good work.
B. Judd
This is to advise you that our cottage at Lake Wentworth Quebec, was sold as of the 29th June 2000. The site received over 400 hits one of which resulted in the sale. Your presentation was excellent. Many thanks.
C. & G. Scullion
Once again I have been able to rent out the entire summer only advertising on your web site.
D. Dalley
Just to advise that we sold the cottage last week and the new owner first saw it on the net and we have had about 7 inquires about the property. Good investment to sell the cottage on CottageLINK. Thank You
J. Smith
I would also like to tell you that we did not bother to place any other ads for our cottage, not even newspaper, and we only have one week left open. Very satisfied customer!
C. Brown
Well you've done it again - my property in land/lots for sale is now sold. Thank you, this is the second property that I have sold through you. Can you please place a sold sign on the ad? Thank you again
B. Dudgeon
Thanks for all your help over the past 3 years. You provide a great service at a reasonable price. We hope to work with you in the future.
L. Anderson
Your enterprise is a very useful and well done project. We appreciate all the business we have received through your webpage. Nice to see the web being used for something worthwhile and helpful.
K. Leonard
Well chalk up another sale! We sold the cottage last weekend and closed the deal yesterday. Thanks again for all your help throughout.
P. Morgan
After listing our property with Cottage Link, we received 18 requests for information. Within two weeks of listing, we sold the property to the first person who came to see it. Your service was great and we would definitely list with you again.
G. Cooney
We have had many contacts as a result of our CottageLINK listing and have been very pleased with your service.
J. and G. Taylor
Thank you very much for your great service, we get lots of inquiries through your site.
J. Fletcher
My husband and I are delighted with the response we continue to receive by advertising with you.
D. Shrubb
I saw the article about Cottage websites in the May 2000 issue of Canadian Living and thought I should check them out. I found that I liked your's best because of the pricing, ease of information, professionalism and mostly the testimonials.
C. MacKinnon
I am very much impressed with your site and the idea behind it. Well done!!
B. Gleason
CottageLINK is very successful! So successful I have to hire an agency to handle the incoming calls.
C. Darby
I would like to thank you very much for your service and I recommend it to any one who asks.
J. Matheson
The calendar is a great feature and your CottageLINK Magazine concept is wonderful! Frankly, in another year you can probably increase your fee slightly to "harvest" some of your excellent efforts (Never thought I would volunteer a fee hike!).
P & D Corscadden
We have had great response from your site and for that I thank you. We are looking forward to another great season.
K. Sopinka
There is a lot of competition out there to lure new customers into their cottage directories. But as a result of checking the handling of their directories we just stick with CottageLINK. There is still no better directory out there. You're the #1.
Byways Cottages
You people are marvellous! Your site looks terrific, you are so fast!!, and I have got instant response to the listing. Thanks so much!!!
D. Griffin
Your site is awesome. I have had over 100 hits on my listing and 5 bookings from your site. This is all in 12 days!!!
G. Cox
We are receiving regular calls from your site - great service.
J. Peace
Great job. New site looks wonderful. In process of getting two other family members cottages rent they've seen how well ours has done.
B. Cole
We want to tell you how pleased we are with the results we have had from exposing our cottage on your site. You did an excellent job of setting up the info and pictures we gave you. When we recieved our first response within 2 days after putting it up, we actually suspected that you had somehow generated the inquiry. That notion was disspelled when that first inquiry resulted in a rental. It is now early February and we have most of the summer booked and continue to get many inquiries each week.
Frankly, your service is worth much more than you charge.

P. Cowan
We think the website looks fabulous!!! Thank you so much for your help.
C. Matthews
"Ecstatic" about results! Far better than all newspaper ads...combined!
The Old Lobster Trap Cottage
We would like to thank you for the great results we have experienced throughout the year.
D. Shrubb
Our first experience with renting last year was very positive. All of the parties cared for our special place as much as we did. We had a great number of inquiries and could have rented it for much more time than we had available.
L. Nuttall
Your advertising is the best yet.
K. Burden
Our cottage appeared on Cottage Link and 9 days later it sold. Thanks for your service. I averaged at least one inquiry a day. Please remove our listing or mark it SOLD. Thanks!
W. Jeffrey
Thank you for a great season with CottageLINK. Our cottage was booked solid all season and all inquiries came from CottageLINK.
L. Gonchar
What an outstanding service you provide to cottage owners! I spent over $250.00 for various newspaper advertising, and I even posted our property at various supermarkets last year talk about legwork! Well, after 5 days on your web site we needed three more cottages just to satisfy the interest from all the return E-mails and phone calls. Wow - let's just say it was incredible! We didn't even have time to publish a picture and it was rented.

So here's to you, CottageLINK - a service well worth using!
A. and J. Viola

Thanks to your web site, Maple Hill Cottage (ON30168 - Posted on June 2, 1999) is booked solid for the season. Could you please indicate this on the site? I am being swamped with e-mails!
S. Lauffer
We sold our cottage on Bob's Lake and would like to remove the listing, we thank you as we had many e-mails from people across Ontario, US & one from Europe.
E. Ryan
Thank you very much for your service....We have had requests from Germany, England, Singapore and Kuwait!...This is such a fun and easy way to rent the cottage.
I have turned away over 110 people for this summer and most of my calls come from your site. Great job.

P. Kennedy - The Point, PEI
I am pleased to inform you we have sold the cottage for exactly what we were asking. Please remove the add from the web site. The response was over whelming. Thanks again.
M. Lee
Just wanted to advise you we have sold our cottage. We would like to thank you for your support and will strongly recommend your service to anyone who is looking to list their property.
G&B Boggs
Thanks to you my cottage is now sold. I had many inquiries from people who saw my ad on CottageLINK, and we just wrapped up the sale.
B. Dudgeon
Our lot on Lower Beverely Lake is sold, the closing date is June 15. Can we have a SOLD sign put on our listing? Thanks for all your help, and we will recommend your services to everyone!!!
B. Lewis
We can't believe how many calls we have been getting from people since we put up our cottage on your page. It's been great.
P. Landry
Your link has been a wonderful form of advertising. Thank you very much.
A. Lynn
Just a compliment to pass your way. You've been responsive, helpful and quick...
...Your professionalism is greatly appreciated and I have referred your site to a number of friends.

R. Price
Your service is incredible!
J. Cowie
Thanks very much for your prompt response to our application to CottageLINK. We talked to a friend Sunday morning about it and due to his rave reviews we wanted to try out your site immediately!
S. Kelly
I think this is a GREAT SITE - and well laid out, and a great boon to both buyers and sellers.
M. Garrard
We would like to thank you for the great response we have been getting on renting our cottage after we registered with CottageLINK. We have another property that we may be interested in renting as well and will certainly post with you.
B. Weatherall
Thank you for the listing. Our cottage is sold and the people who bought it used your site to get the various details. Your site works.
A. Slosser
I am presently expanding my cottage brokering/property management company. All of my bookings have came as a direct result of CottageLINK.
A. Brennan
It was so easy doing business with you. Thanks again and anyone I can send your way I will.
B. Papin
This is a great service - Great idea!
S. Goodwin-Top
We have had excellent results from CottageLINK. It is by far the best $35 we spend each year.
J. Duckworth
We really appreciate the business your website generates for us. We were 100% filled for our first summer.
I. Murphy
I am very pleased to tell you that i have sold my cottage, many thanks to cottage link, we had many, many enquiries through your web site...We had a number of enquiries from the U.S.A. and the purchaser is from Kentucky. Many thanks for all your help and your service is getting a good reputation on our section of the Trent/Severn river. Good luck in the future.
G. Williamson
I have had an excellent response this year. You must be getting an awful lot of hits cause I am getting quite a few phone calls and e-mails.
G. Mack
Our cabin is sold out already in this our first summer thanks to you! Although we're also listed with (another directory) most of our business has come from you. You must be easy to find.
J. Honderich
Your ad has worked great, I didn't advertise anywhere else, and I was able to book the summer months fully except for the last week in August so far.
B. Dalley
Will you please add a note to our Cottage link entry indicating that we are fully booked for 1998. Once again we are very pleased with Cottage Link and plan to be back next year.
Prof. R.G. Redwood
We just bought a cottage through CottageLINK. We believe that a private sale allowed us to obtain a below market price, while allowing the vendor to save the real estate commissions. Thanks very much!
M. Bateman
CottageLINK brought us most of our business last season, and we are already off to a good start for this year.
G. Watson, Mill Pond Cabins
Your attention to the individual customer is clearly evident and appreciated. It was good to see CottageLINK at the (Cottage Life) show, and I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come. Your advertising site has proven to be very successful for my business efforts.
H. Beth, Trudy's Cottages
This Canadian site is a place to start planning this summer's great escape. Pick a province and view the rentals.
Chatelaine Connects
The Cottage Link page is an excellent place to start your search for a cottage or cabin to rent or buy.
Sympatico - Cottage Connection
Thanks to your excellent website I have booked July and August.
M. Quinn
I have been getting a great response to the listing placed on your site last week.
Jennifer, Northern Comfort Cottage Rentals Inc.
We have had a really good response from our listing on your site and would like to say thank you. Could you please reply with the date and amount to renew our listing with you. We do not want to miss a day.
Brandy's Island Resort & Marina
As Canadians living abroad, we find CottageLINK provides a great spot to view potential vacation sites for our summer home visits. Well laid out and a pleasure to visit (even if only to dream about home a bit).
P.J. Mousseau, Sweden
My reservations are piling up thanks to my webpage with you.
S. Manovill
I love the way you present your content.
A. Schultz
The response was great. Thank you for providing this service, it is very helpful, and practical.
L. Sinclair
Great Site.
D. Easson
Personally, I find CottageLINK stands out in terms of the volume of site traffic, number of property listings, and quality of presentation.
S. Keelan, Cottage Country Online
I'm very happy with your service.
J. Nowlan
We are getting some good responses through the CottageLINK page - thanks again!
K. Somerville
Results were phenomenal. All available time into September and some beyond has been booked - and the sale went very smoothly after nine years of realtors doing very little. We are very grateful.

You might be interested to know that we had inquiries from Tokyo, rented two weeks in July to a couple from Kenya, and currently have folks from Alberta in for a week.
B. Buchanan

We have had very good experience with CottageLINK, and will be using it again next year.
R. Redwood
We have had a phenomenal response to our Cottage for rent listing ON30036 and are fully rented for this summer.
J. Humble
I think you did a great job setting up our ad. It looks terrific!
T. Moorhead
The site for Circle D is great! Thank you.
S. Raynor
Congratulations.. your site is very well done.. a pleasure to visit.. we'll come back again
D. Hounsell
Thank you very much and a big compliment to your very good homepage!
H. Wahlig, Germany
We put our cottage on your page last spring - not really expecting much feedback. The Internet is so big, and Koshlong Lake in Haliburton is so small (yea, yea, yea).

This week our cottage is being rented by an individual who's family rented on the same lake 45 years ago. He found out about our cottage... on the Internet.
S. Chamberlin