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General Cottage Information

Cottage/Resort Name: (if applicable)
General Location:
Other (if not found above):
Nearest Town and Distance: km
Nearest Hospital and Distance: km
Nearest Body of Water:
Waterfront cottage:
If not Waterfront,
     Waterfront access:
Distance to Waterfront

Beach Type: Sand    Pebble    Rock    Grass

Cottage Rooms, Services and Facilities
Parking (# Vehicles):
Sleeps How Many?
Services: Water Electric Cable
Sewer Septic Telephone
Heating: Wood Stove Fireplace Oil
Gas Electric
Rooms - Please Specify Approximate Size (eg. 100 Sq. Ft. or 10 x 10)
Kitchen:       Living Room:
Dining Room:       Family Room:
Recreation Room:       Deck:
Bedroom #1:       Bedroom #2:
Bedroom #3:       Bedroom #4:

Bathrooms: 2-pc Bath 3-pc Bath 4-pc Bath Outdoor Washroom

Watercraft Included in Sale
Canoe Rowboat Bassboat Sailboat
Skiboat Waterskis Windsurfer Life Jackets
Diving Raft Dock


Appliances and Miscellaneous Included in Sale
Refrigerator Oven Stove Dishwasher
Washer Dryer Microwave Toaster
Toaster Oven Food Processor Telephone Stereo
Propane BBQ Gas BBQ Charcoal BBQ Television
Cable Satellite Dish VHS VCR Beta VCR
Linens/Bedding Cutlery Dishes Firepit
Wheelchair Access Sauna Coffee Maker


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Contact and Pricing Information
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Annual Taxes:

Owner's Comments
In this area you write your own description. This is where you get YOUR chance to tell people WHY they should buy your vacation property. Up to 50 words are included in the base price of the ad. Words in excess of 50 are billed at the rate of 0.25/word.

CottageLINK Fees
Set-Up Fee: (1-time fee for new listings only)
Annual Listing Fee: (includes 2 photos and 50 words of comments)
Additional Comments: 1-time fee, $.25/each for words 51,52...
Additional Photos: 1-time fee, $5/each for photos 3,4...
Sub Total:
HST: (PEI 14%, ON/NL/NB 13%, NS 15%, all other 5%)
Owner Contact Information
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Postal Code:

Terms and Conditions
  1. The price of the CottageLINK Basic Service includes 2 color photographs of the owner's choice in the Internet advertisement. Additional photos may be included at the cost of $5.00 each. A handling charge will apply to photos larger than 5" x 7". Photos are scanned in on the premises at CottageLINK and will be returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided. If you would prefer to mail us your pictures in electronic format, that is fine. We can convert most any format.
  2. CottageLINK reserves the right to edit owner's comments.
  3. CottageLINK is an advertising service only. Rental/sale agreement are solely between the owner and the renter/buyer. As such it is agreed that CottageLINK cannot be held responsible for the condition of the rental/sale property nor can it be held responsible for the actions of the property owner nor the tenant/buyer.

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