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CottageLINK Pricing (all figures in Canadian $)
Annual Listing Fee$45.00/Year
Set-up Fee (Listing)$20.00 - includes 2 photos, 50 words of text plus complete property details!
Set-up Fee (Direct Link)$5.00
Text Changes$ .25/word
Photos added/changed$ 5.00 per photo
Pricing ChangesNo Charge
Availability ChangeNo charge for CalendarLINK updates
CalendarLINK SetupNo Charge (1 per listing), $10 each additional calendar
Realtors' Gallery Entry $100.00/Year
GSTGST is chargeable for all listings for which the property is located in Canada.

All fees, unless otherwise noted, are 1-time fees.

New listing: 3 photographs, 60 words of comments, 
posted February 1

Set-up Fee             $20.00
Annual Listing Fee     $45.00
Extra Photo:             5.00     1 extra @ $5/ea
Extra Text:              2.50     10 extra @ .25/ea
Total Feb 1             72.50 + GST

First Renewal: February 1, following year

Annual Listing Fee:     $45.00
Total Feb 1              45.00 + GST

Please contact us if you would like more information.
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